Chase Rubin

A past love of mine was rekindled during our first group field trip.

It was on a trip to Community Rowing where we learned about disabled rowers and then learned to row. We were given an explanation on how people with disabilities were able to still row and enjoy the sport. Jen Fitz-Roy told the story of how she began rowing and her experiences as a disabled rower. She also showed us all of the things that helped her needs in the boat house.

Later, we all got into a boat and were given a brief lesson on how to row. I, however, was the one person who did not participate. It was just two weeks after my ACL surgery—an injury that ended my lacrosse season and gave me an increased risk of a re-injury for the next season. This forced me to quit lacrosse which left me devastated.

Coincidentally, I used to row. I joined the team with all of my friends when we were freshman, but I quit after my second season in a row was canceled due to Covid.

Hearing the disabled rowers talk about their experiences and perseverance gave me great inspiration on my road to recovery. I have had to do about two hours of intense physical therapy a day and have had little motivation to do so. Their stories about their struggle and overcoming challenges made me think of my situation and how I have yet to find a good in it. In that moment, a switch in my mind flipped and I decided to find that good by joining my rowing team once again. It has given me motivation to heal my leg and gave me something to strive for. The stories of these rowers inspired me to re-start my own journey as a rower.

Chase Rubin
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