2022 Cohort

Sarah Burd

This summer I planned a fundraiser for a company called Doc Wayne Youth Services. This non-profit organization works with children and teens of all genders who have suffered from trauma which has caused them to have mental health issues. Doc Wayne uses sport-based therapy to help treat mental health and break the stigma on getting […]

Lauren Cusick

When I first joined this program, I didn’t know what to expect. I was fully prepared to meet new people and come out of it feeling as though I saw another outlook on life. My cohort and I went on numerous eye opening and fun trips. During my time I heard so many different points […]

Emma Donohue

I have long been interested in working in politics and government. My interest grew as I have gotten older and paid more attention to current events. My interest solidified when I took a history course this past year, and learned more about how much of an impact governmental work can make. I have also grown […]

Sebastian Gonzalez

Commuting for a Greener Future Climate justice has always been important to me, so I when Teen-JUST-US assigned me to Bikes Not Bombs for my internship I was ecstatic. I had ridden in one of their Bike-A-Thon fundraiser events years before, and I was very excited to see how their internal operations worked. I was […]

Talya Hamberg

During my first week at Discovering Justice, I jumped right into the United States justice system by attending two different sentencing hearings. It was my first experience in a courtroom and my only knowledge about what to expect came from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. On TV, the sentencings I saw were very tense […]

Noah Kesselman

My summer with Teen-JUST-US has taught me many meaningful concepts about life. One of the most important lessons I have learned is the idea of asking questions. I have always had an eager curiosity to learn about the world around me and to question ideas that do not make sense. I realized my excessive questioning […]

Helen Krakoff

Throughout my summer internship with the Teen JUST-US program, I had the amazing assignment to work with Doc Wayne Youth Services. Doc Wayne focuses on helping children of many ages with mental health issues through sport-based therapy. I was also assigned to an amazing mentor from Positive Tracks, who helped organize the sporting event details. […]

Gabrielle Lapat

Before we got to the Carroll Center for the Blind, I had no preconceived ideas about blind people at all. It wasn’t that I thought that they weren’t capable of fencing or any other sport—it was more that I never really thought about it. However, from the moment I arrived at Carroll, and the coach […]

Dahlia Newman

This summer I interned for the Museum of Science and it was truly one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. From the second I stepped into the Museum, I felt welcome.  Throughout the summer, all of the staff and interns have been incredibly kind and supportive. Their encouragement and appreciation for my […]

Zoe Raybould

My high heels clicked against the marble floor of the State House as I entered through the side door, right across from the pizza place where I had my lunch. My heart beat a little faster in my chest as my eyes scanned over the high ceilings and gorgeous paintings that lined every wall. The […]

Nathaniel Rooney

On most of the Thursdays of my internship at the Museum of Science, we would have workshop days with the other summer youth interns from the Museum. By the time of the first workshop day, I had already worked five days at the Museum, and there had already been three cohort days. However, I was […]

Chase Rubin

A past love of mine was rekindled during our first group field trip. It was on a trip to Community Rowing where we learned about disabled rowers and then learned to row. We were given an explanation on how people with disabilities were able to still row and enjoy the sport. Jen Fitz-Roy told the […]

Aidan Sadler

This summer, what really stuck with me wasn’t one of those large, planned activities, but a small one that wasn’t really part of the program. We laid a poster board down on the ground and wrote down what fear meant to us. I’m someone who has dealt with a lot of anxiety and depression in […]

Anthony Sardak

As more and more immigrants come into the United States, misinformation is spread about them through the use of social media, news networks, and politicians. The misinformation makes immigrants seem like a threat to society, when in actuality, they are of great importance to our country and society. Through the six week Teen JUST-US program, […]

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